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We are a well established innovative reasearch base Pharmaceutical Bulk drugs manufacturing company in the industrial city of India, Panoli (Gujarat), with an excellant multipurpose facility meeting GMP standards, manufacturing Bulk Drugs, Drugs Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals.

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Since its inception, we have been the sole and reliable manufacturer and exporter of bulk drugs, Drugs Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals. We manufacture our own brands as well as under neutral labels as required by the buyers. Catering as per customers requirements is our specialization. Our quality bulkdrugs, Drugs intermediates and Speciality Chemicals are exported worldwide.

We are specializes in the development of new processes, which can be designed to ensure the non-infringement of patents, through the application of alternative synthetic procedures. Manufacture of patent free products to the manufacture of novel products through bilateral agreement between ourselves and our clients.

Regarding Bulk Drugs, Drugs Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals, our service is one of the best as we specialize in collecting various Bulk Drugs, Drugs Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals required for a factory and ship them together. The whole process is completely reliable and does not require any follow up by the buyers. We can supply from 1 kg to huge quantities as ordered by the buyers. If required on emergency basis, supplies can be made by air within 1 week from the confirmation in the routine conditions.